Beds and How to Choose the Best

Buying a new bed is no easy task these days! With so many on the market it can be easy to get overloaded and feel undecided about which bed is best for you.

If you are buying a double bed, king size bed or a super king size bed you will find that there are just as many choices in relation to size as there are with single beds.

Do you want a classic four poster bed? A sleigh bed or a run-of-the-mill divan bed? The choices are endless and depending on your situation and style there are also a multitude of stunning headboards to choose from!

Choosing your “bed style”

A soft and romantic look is very popular for bedrooms, pastel colours and classic bed drapes all create a comfortable and relaxing environment for you to sleep in. if this look appeals to you then you may like the idea of a bed with drapes or with posts from which you can create your own bed hangings.

On the other hand you might like a fiery and glamorous look and in this case deep reds and jewel colours go well with functional divan beds which are jazzed up vintage Hollywood style with a deep padded headboard!

Children’s beds and what to choose

If you like the look of novelty children’s beds then the good news is that there are tonnes of brilliant options out there. Beds in the shape of cars and castles are popular and make a good starting point for a themed room. While for older children cabin beds and bunk beds are a great choice.

Cabin beds are brilliant for smaller rooms as there is room underneath for a desk or storage. Shop around and find the best option for you and your children, there are so many choices out there that it’s hard to make a mistake!

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