Stylish Candles

Using candles to create warmth and atmosphere within a room is an old trick but a very reliable one! Candles can really add a beautiful ambience to any room, an air of relaxation and luxury will pervade any space that is candlelit. Soft lighting and flickering flames will cover up a tired out room and add a new dimension to your down-time.

Scented Candles

Scented candles can really add a special something to a sitting room, bedroom or even a bathroom! Choose from an array of wonderful scents including vanilla scented candles, lavender scented candles and even lemongrass scented candles. Choose the scent of your candles depending on your mood; if you want an enlivening atmosphere then you won’t get better than lemon grass whilst vanilla will relax.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles create a glamorous and dramatic look when they are grouped together in a hearth or on a shelf. There are special candle holders available which have a spike in the base in order to ensure the candles remain safely in place. Choose white pillar candles for a clean and modern look whilst red or other deep colours will offer a more dramatic look.

Candles for special occasions

If you are having a special dinner party or gathering, then you may want to create atmosphere with some candlelight; there is nothing more attractive than a well laid table with a centrepiece of tall, tapering candles; this works very well when combined with fresh flowers.

If you want a candlelit dinner with a difference then why not try floating candles? These look so pretty when they are placed in a glass bowl full of water, especially if you add a few blossoms alongside them! Try putting contrasting colours together for a real impact, red and white with some touches of green looks particularly lovely!

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