Clocks for Your Home

Clocks have been an important part of most homes for many years; some homes have one in every room including the bathroom! If you are looking for the right clock for a particular room in your home, then you will easily be able to find the perfect model as there are literally millions of designs available today.

Classic clocks for the sitting room

Classic clocks are still popular and usually appear in a traditional shape, from brass carriage clocks with visible chimes, to pretty little mantelpiece clocks and wall clocks there are many to choose from. If you have a fireplace then an antique style clock would suit and always looks stylish, a more modern take can easily be found as there are many novelty and retro clocks around.

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are usually placed in a hallway and remain as popular today as they have for many years. Imposing in their size, they also boast loud chimes and are often extremely decorative. A smaller version for less capacious hallways can be found in the shape of Grandmother Clocks.

Cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks are always a popular novelty and can be very pretty; often hand painted with flowers in the tradition German/Swiss style they look wonderful in a pretty cottage-style room.

Retro clocks

Retro clocks are very popular at the moment and there are many to choose from which take inspiration from various eras. The 60s Sunburst clocks have made a comeback and are appearing all over the high street, as are clocks with fun, retro images as part of their background. If you are a fan of retro style then you will be spoilt for choice as far as clocks are concerned!

So whether you are a die-hard classicist or a contemporary fashionista, there are many options out there to suit you and your home.

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