Until you have a home of your own you don’t really consider curtains to be all that important – well no more useful than blocking sunlight and keeping nosey neighbours out of your bedroom at night but curtains, drapes, blinds, net curtains and the fabrics used all go a long way to decorate the window and space surrounding the frame of any room.

The choice of curtains are important, whether designer curtains, ready made curtains or made to measure, how the fabric absorbs light, allows light through and the brightness of the material at night with the room lights on, all add to their appeal as a functioning decorative soft furnishings accessory that needs to match not only the furniture and furnishings but the style of window and home also.

Cheap Curtains, Discount Curtains And Curtains Online

Missed the sales? Never fear, Rosebys curtains shop online gives discounts and deals on their curtains and drapes all year round as retail outlets and suppliers wish to see old designs replaced by new, so there are usually plenty of cheap curtains online and made to measure curtain fabric discounts available at Rosebys.

Contemporary Curtains And Designer Curtains Online

There’s keeping up with the Jones and then there’s keeping up with the Beckhams and even that couple are becoming old hat. Designer curtains are often made out of high quality durable material that lasts the test of time.

Sometimes you can find cheap designer curtains on offer but the latest and most contemporary curtains often come at a price, but a price worth gasping and holding out for as when the curtains dress your window, not only will your room come alive, the curtains will life the whole room to another level, design wise, through and colour and through shape.

Net Curtains, Blackout Curtains And Blinds

The war may be over but blackout curtains, especially top of the range designer blackout curtains are still very much the in thing to have when wishing to block out the early morning sunlight or late afternoon rays from interfering with the television schedule.

Two other specialist curtains alternatives are the light fabric net curtains that manage through their folding, curvy style and mix of designs to keep what happens inside the house in and those outside eyes restricted while still allowing the light to shine through and illuminate the days proceedings.

Then there’s a complete different style altogether, some people have net curtains, blinds and curtains, others just blinds and curtains. Blinds are perfect for letting the light in at different angles and allow for an additional design aspect when considering illumination and shades in a room.

Blinds offer elegance and practicality with simple designs creating great effects. Choose from Roman, Tie or Austrian blinds in the fabric of your choice.

Curtains Direct, Drapes And Ready Made Curtains

Shopping for curtains has never been easier, when looking to buy ready made curtains they are truly curtains direct, if you order today then most ready made curtains can be shipped overnight and adorning your living room and bedroom and curtains hung and closed by midnight the next evening.

Curtain Fabrics, Curtain Making And Made To Measure Curtains

Not every window and every house conforms to the rectangles, squares and straight edges that the majority of homes are accustomed to, some maybe circular, curved, bay windows and require different fixtures and fittings and different sized and shaped curtain fabrics an this Rosebys can supply in even the minutest of details.

Curtain Poles, Curtain Tie Backs. Pelmets, Headings And Valances

Curtain headings and Valances add style and character to window dressings, personalising your look with design details you’ll love. For classic lines consider pencil pleats, pinch pleats and goblet headings or go modern with tab tops and eyelets.

Tie-backs can add a stylish touch to your curtains, shaping and softening your window whilst keeping your curtains in place. Choose from fringes, tassels, plaits, and piping or keep it simple with plain crescents

Pelmets are a stylish addition to any window, complementing your curtains with soft and smooth lines and matching tassels or fringing. Our beautiful traditionally designed pelmets are accompanied by fresh modern alternatives, all specially made to meet your specific requirements.

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