No matter how well made a piece of furniture is, whether it was a bargain, bought in a sale, end of a line, cheap, the cheapest or it’s luxurious, a luxury sofa, designer chair or a king size bed, there is always a position you wish to be in on a chair, sofa, settee, mattress or lounger that you can’t possibly achieve for any length of time without the aid of, you guessed it, a cushion!

Comfy Cushions for Home and Garden

There is nothing quite like an inviting pile of soft scatter cushions placed on a sofa or a window seat. If you would like your home to appear comfy and cosy then think about investing in plenty of cushions in various fabrics.

Designer cushions tend to come in particularly luxurious fabrics and silk cushions look great when mixed up with pure linen and velvet cushions. If you want to create a modern look then try mixing up the shapes of your cushions, round cushions nestling alongside square cushions, appliqué cushions with plain cushions; the most important thing to remember is that a good cushion is plump and well filled!

Floor Cushions

Floor cushions have been popular for many years since intrepid travellers first brought back examples from India and China where they have been popular fr centuries. Today, floor cushions come in many shapes and sizes including traditional embroidered floor cushions and leather floor cushions which are particularly hard wearing and usually come with removable cushion covers.

Outdoor cushions for the garden

Outdoor cushions have become increasingly popular and they are available in many different guises. Often weatherproof, outdoor cushions are great for creating a touch of luxury to barbeques and sunbathing sessions!

Cushions for the bed

Make your bed into a cosy nest with a pile of pretty cushions; perfect for comfortable reading or TV watching in bed! Try a mixture of frilled cushions with shabby chic prints for a traditional look or go for tasselled silk cushions for a more glamorous feel to your haven!

Children’s cushions

Cushions for kids are a lovely way of making a child’s bedroom into a more inviting place for them. Fun character print cushions or novelty heart shaped cushions are great and add a pretty look to a girls’ room while for boys there are many sporting styles to choose from.

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