Cutlery for Your Home

There is a wealth of beautiful cutlery to choose from today and a matching set of designer cutlery can really complete the look of your dining table. If you are the old fashioned kind, then you will be pleased to see that silver plated cutlery is still easily obtainable and this makes a rather special wedding present.

Modern cutlery is often quite minimalist in appearance and can be found in many different materials from stainless steel cutlery to wooden handled cutlery. Cutlery is typically available in sets of 24, 36 and also complete canteens which can include over 100 pieces! Buying loose cutlery is easy and it’s not hard to find replacements for missing cutlery too.

A complete set of cutlery should include pieces for 12 people and the set will usually have knives, forks, fish blades, fish knives, dessert spoons, dessert forks, soup spoons, teaspoons, coffee spoons and a number of serving spoons.

If a set of this size is not what you need then there are many smaller sets to choose from and they usually include a selection of serving spoons and dessert spoons too.

Children’s cutlery is an important consideration as full sized adult cutlery is often too awkward for small hands to manage. Miniature knives and forks as well as spoons are available in sets and make a lovely christening or birthday gift.

Looking after your cutlery

Caring for your cutlery is important if you want it to remain beautiful. Gold and silver plated cutlery should never be washed in a dishwasher but should always be carefully hand washed in detergent. The extreme temperatures of dishwashers can remove the plate, leaving you with unattractive and patchy looking cutlery.

Take care to choose the best cutlery that you can afford and with any luck it will last a lifetime.

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