Designer Sofas

When the time comes to redesigning the home or any living space, ideas run wild, a cheap sofa would be inexpensive but may not be long lasting, a cheap sofa with a throw and scatter cushions and everyone should be happy… except maybe you!?!

Another option which takes you up the sofa ladder a little and away from cheap sofa fabrics and materials which don’t last as long as your bum would wish, and that’s luxury sofas. The best quality luxury sofas and luxury settees for your home and living room, and furniture to stand out high above any other in your neighbourhood.

When you consider the style and design of luxury furniture it’s furniture that can stand the test of time, well made leather sofas from an acclaimed source and brand name manufacturers that are renowned for putting together luxury sofas as well as designer sofas. Sofas which are made from strong fabrics and designed for long term use.

At Rosebys we like to appeal to as many desires as possible and within each category of sofa, contemporary sofas, cheap sofas, leather sofas, luxury sofas and designer sofas, we like to be choosy and offer the best sofas we can find, both at discounts and prices to fit most budgets and sizes to fill or squeeze into any living room or space.

It’s often asked what separates designer sofas from the mainstream sofas and luxury sofas, settees and sofa beds that are available from sofa showrooms nationwide, simply put, designer sofas are specifically made for the top end of the sofa market.

They are made to be affordable as one off purchases, an investment or as a product for the well to do, designer sofas are special, they are custom designed by each retailer to offer their customer something spectacular and only available at their sofa shop.

Which is why when Darlings of Chelsea or another famous designer sofa shop offers their designer sofas, you know they will be unique, original and one of a kind and because they’re designer sofas you have much more room to alter the piece before it is delivered.

The kind of alterations you can make to designers sofas aren’t endless, however you may choose from several dozens types of fabric which can make all the difference when trying to blend numerous pieces of furniture, soft furnishings and decor together with its surroundings.

Designer furniture, designer chairs and designers sofas are made to suit you, your personality, your outlook on life in the home and how you wish to relax, a good stern leather sofa or leather glove chair for evening reading or perhaps a chic fabric sofa which you can lounge around in when watching the telly on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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