Dressing Tables

Dressing Tables and Vanity Tables

Dressing tables are an essential part of a well furnished bedroom and more especially if the bedroom in question belongs to a woman! Dressing tables are traditionally for the storage of cosmetics and personal items and are a great place for applying makeup or for styling hair.

A seat at a comfortable dressing table is the perfect place to begin a beauty routine! Dressing tables usually come well equipped with drawers and often a mirror and matching stool or chair; it is important to choose the right place to situate your dressing table in order that the light is correct for the application of make up.

Shabby chic dressing tables

The popularity of the so-called “shabby chic” style, has brought with it a resurgence in classic dressing tables and many come with traditional dressing table mirrors which fold out into three sections.

These shabby chic dressing tables are wonderful for hair styling as the triple mirrors enable various views and a large table surface allows for the storage of pretty bottles and jars of perfume and other cosmetics. White, cream or natural wood dressing tables in antique style are popular and if you want to really go retro why not consider adding a “dressing table skirt” in fabric which coordinates with the rest of your bedroom décor?

Contemporary dressing tables

There are many modern dressing tables to choose from if your style tends towards the contemporary. Sleek dressing tables in darker wood or laminates are great for a modern look and usually come with drawers and mirrors too. Modern dressing tables look fabulous when kept clear of clutter and teamed with a plain mirror.

Dressing tables are an often overlooked but important feature of any well equipped bedroom and once you have enjoyed a comfortable seat at a stylish dressing table, you won’t look back!

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