Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are still as popular as they have ever been and once you have experienced the luxury of climbing into a heated, cosy bed, it is likely that you will never want to go back to the days of chilly sheets again!

There are two main types of electric blankets on the market and they are a boon to those people who do not have central heating or to those of us who simply feel the cold! The first type is known as an under-blanket and is designed to sit on top of your mattress to warm up the bed before you climb in and the second is an over-blanket which is placed on top of blankets or duvet and is designed to keep you warm all night.

Electric blankets are available in varying sizes from single electric blankets to double electric blankets right through to super king electric blankets. There are no electric blankets that are specifically designed for use by children or babies as it is not deemed safe to use electrical bedding items with children or babies. Babies cannot maintain their temperature in the same way as adults and could dangerously overheat if they were given an electric blanket.

Safety and electric blankets

As with any electrical item it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and to follow guidelines closely. The following tips are designed to assist you in remaining safe whilst using an electric blanket.

• Buy electric blankets with the UK safety standard mark. Do not be tempted to buy or use an electric blanket which does not bear this mark.
• Do not buy second hand electric blankets
• If you spot any damage on your electric blanket then cease using it immediately.
• Store only when cool.
• Never allow water or other moisture to come into contact with an electric blanket. Do not use a hot water bottle in conjunction with an electric blanket.

If you follow the manufacturers guidelines then electric blankets are safe to use and can really be a boon in the winter.

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