Alessi Cico Egg Cup & Spoon Green

Alessi Cico Egg Cup & Spoon Green. Cheeky chappy Cico holds your spoon while your boiled egg rests on his head. His hat is a salt-shaker. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni.



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Soldier Egg Cup

Soldier Egg Cup

Soldier Egg Cup. Children will have fun with this cute soldier shaped egg cup, with removable lid and spoon. Also included is a toast cutter to create 3 soldier shapes for dunking.

Dolly Girl Breakfast Set

Dolly Girl Breakfast Set

Children's vintage dolly girl design breakfast set in presentation case. Set includes: 1 x breakfast bowl ( 15cm dia x 4cm high.) 1 x small mug ( 8cm high x 7cm dia) 1 x egg cup ( 7cm high x 5cm dia.).



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