Glasses for gifts and home

A really beautiful set of glasses is an important addition to any home and it is of course important to have the right glasses for the right drinks! Choosing a basic set of tumblers and a basic set of wine glasses simply isn’t enough and a well equipped glass cabinet is a luxurious touch which you will be glad of when entertaining!

Which Glass is for which drink?

We all need something to drink our breakfast juice from and this is what a “Collins glass” is for! These are straight, tallish glasses which most homes have in the kitchen for water, milk and juice. Collins glasses are also acceptable for mixing an alcoholic drink in, vodka and tonic for instance would be fine served in a Collins glass.

Other than Collins glasses, an ordinary Hi Ball or tumbler is a good choice as these are also perfectly acceptable for a juice or a mixed alcoholic drink. If you want to be a little fancier then it is a good idea to invest in a set of cocktail glasses; there are many types of cocktail glasses available and some of the most popular include Pina Colada glasses which are a long undulating shape with a short stem; these are fabulous if you want your drinks to appear more glamorous!

For spirits, it is important to have the correct glasses as the shape of the glass can affect the taste of the drink; this is most commonly known in terms of whisky and brandy. Brandy bowls are extremely wide at the bottom but narrower towards the top, this is deliberate in order to preserve the “fumes” of the brandy and to enable the drinker to swirl the spirit around the glass and thus to warm it through.

Once you have set up your drinking glasses, you only need to ensure you have some beautiful champagne glasses to complete your collection!

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