Designer glassware for the home can really make a difference when it comes to ensuring your décor looks as beautiful as possible. A cabinet which is well equipped with plenty of pretty glasses, bowls, serving bowls and decanters is a thing of joy!

Glassware for dinner parties is a nice touch, being able to serve guests from beautiful dishes makes a big difference to how luxurious things feel. There are a multitude of glassware products available to buy today and some of the most important include.

• Glass oil drizzlers; these are for drizzling olive oil onto salads, breads and other food.
• Glass vinegar jugs; perfect for Balsamic vinegar and looks very attractive next to a matching oil drizzler when you are serving bread and salad
• Glass dessert bowls; these are jut the ticket when you want a trifle to look extra-pretty!

• Glass decanters; nice for sherry and wine
• Drinking glasses; a good selection of drinking glasses is an important detail in any home.

The care of glassware

If you have a collection of nice glassware for your home, then keeping it in tip-top condition is a priority and there are certain rules with regards to cleaning and maintenance.

Any particularly nice or designer glassware should not be placed in the dishwasher as this can cause scratches and even chips to form. Instead, clean your best glassware by hand using old fashioned soapy water and a cotton cloth. Once you have washed away residue, place glass upside down on a cotton tea towel, this is the method used by bartenders as it limits streaks. If your glassware still requires polishing after this treatment then again, use a pure cotton cloth.

Avoid extreme temperatures as far as your glassware is concerned, water that is too hot or cold can cause cracks.

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