Stylish Lamps

Lots of lamps in a room really give a special and cosy feel to any environment. The warm glow which a good lamp gives off is a lovely thing and placed carefully, lamps can really improve the look of any room.

Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany style lamps are beautiful to look at with their glowing jewel-like colours they give any room a luxurious and yet homely feeling. Try placing one on a window sill and the lovely glow will be visible from outside too. Likewise a lamp like this beside your telephone table will make the area into a nicer place to sit and chat.

Anglepoise Lamps

Brilliant for work spaces, Anglepoise lamps are brilliantly retro in appearance. Adjustable from their neck, they are very useful for working on art, jigsaws, model-making and writing. No office or workroom is complete without a good Anglepoise lamp!

Standard Lamps

Standard lamps come in many styles; classic lamps with timber frames look good in period style settings whilst slim, metallic bases look great in contemporary rooms. Whether you want a standard lamp which up-lights or a more traditional lamp which casts downward light, there are many to choose from. Placed in the corner of a room standard lamps add a new dimension to any room and can work just as well in bedrooms as in sitting rooms.

Children’s Lamps

Children’s lamps and nightlights are a must if you want a cosy haven for little ones, many children love the soft glow of a pretty lamp and with the huge selection now available you will be sure to find the right one for your child. From character lamps to classic children’s lamps there are some beautiful options.

Children’s lamps should be well maintained and regularly checked for damage in order to be certain they are safe.

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