Mattresses for Your Family

Mattresses are an extremely important part of any furniture and it is recommended that new ones be purchased every seven years or so. Once a mattress has worn out then it is no longer supportive in the right places and a good night’s sleep will evade the user! There is nothing worse than sleeping on a lumpy mattress!

Which kind of mattress to choose?

Quilted top mattresses, memory mattresses, natural fibre mattresses…there are so many mattresses about that it can be mind boggling to begin to choose which kind is right for you.

If you are the kind of person who likes a firm mattress to sleep on, then a quilt-top mattress may not be the right choice for you. Choose a mattress with a firm bounce and a solid interior. Quilt-top mattresses are great for people who like to feel that they are sinking into a bed of feathers!

Memory foam mattresses are great for people with bad backs as the foam refreshes itself and in this way you may avoid your mattress developing dips and crevices in those areas which receive the most use.

Quilted mattress toppers and mattress protectors

A quilted mattress topper is a good way of temporarily refreshing a mattress which is nearing the end of its life and mattress protectors are a good idea if you want to avoid any moisture making it’s way into your mattress at all.

Children’s and babies mattresses

When you want to ensure that your children get the best mattress available, look around at what is on offer and think in the long term. A little extra spent on purchasing a new mattress for your child’s first “grown up” bed may save you money in the long run as they will see your growing child through years of use whereas cheap mattresses will require replacing far sooner.

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