Mirrors are one of the most effective ways in which to improve the look of a room. Clever use of mirrors can give any room a more glamorous appearance as well as make the most of the light in the room. By reflecting the light back into the space, a large mirror brightens the room and gives a cheerful and even luxurious feel.

Shabby chic mirrors

There are many classic mirrors available today and achieving the popular shabby chic look is easy when you know how! Distressed frames in white or cream look great when hung in a room with pretty floral prints or classic stripes.

Contemporary mirrors

Contemporary rooms always benefit from the addition of a large, modern mirror. Hung above a stove or fireplace, a big mirror looks great when it is reflecting firelight and gives the room extra warmth. Choose a thick frame for a more rustic appearance and a slim frame for a more pared down look.

Dressing table mirrors

Folding dressing table mirrors look wonderful when placed upon a vanity table or classic dressing table and they are also very useful when it comes to hair styling and makeup application. Dressing table mirrors with lights are a popular choice where a glamorous Hollywood look is desired.

Bathroom mirrors

A large bathroom mirror is a must when it comes to creating a bright and cheerful environment for your family. Whether you choose a full length mirror for the back of the door, or a smaller bathroom mirror to hang over the sink will depend on your needs but whatever style of mirror you need, there is a huge choice available today including mirrored bathroom tiles which combine two purposes in one. Just be sure to purchase a good quality cleaner to keep them bright and shiny!

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