Mugs are the perfect receptacle! Great for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soup they are always an essential part of any kitchen! When you want a hot drink, a large mug is the only way to go!

Soup mugs

Soup mugs are a lovely way to drink soup in a less formal way; when it comes to soup mugs the larger the better! Some soup mugs are almost bowl-like in appearance and it is only the handle which marks them out as different. Choose soup mugs which come as a set if possible as they look great when displayed with matching spoons!

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs have a slightly more elegant appearance to that of ordinary mugs meant for tea. Often with fluted edges they can be bought as part of set with a matching coffee pot and this always looks lovely when displayed in a cabinet or even on a tray in the kitchen. Glass coffee mugs are perfect for serving cappuccino and café latte as the clear glass displays the attractive drink complete with froth and chocolate!

Personalised mugs and photo Mugs

Personalised mugs and photo mugs make a really popular gift as they are inexpensive but lots of fun! Choose funny photographs or precious memories to adorn your photo mugs and a personalised message will ensure that your present is treasured for a long time to come!

Why not use children’s drawings on mugs? These make really attractive presents and are a great way of preserving all those brilliant works of art! Failing that, your own art work on a mug is a lovely way of designing a one-off gift for a special someone!

Whether you choose china mugs, clay mugs or tin mugs for your kitchen, there’s one thing that’s for certain…no kitchen is complete without a good selection of mugs!

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