Choosing the Right Rugs for Your Home

Rugs for the home are today available in so many combinations of material that most homeowners are spoilt for choice. For the busy family who may be hard on flooring, there are man made fibre rugs which are easily washable. For those households with less traffic, pure wool is a luxurious choice.

Kids’ rugs

Children’s rugs are usually very hard wearing and available in many different and appealing styles. Football rugs, flower shaped rugs and playmate rugs are all popular choices for smaller children.

When choosing a rug for your children, it is always advisable to think about what they are interested in and how long they may keep that interest! Updating children’s rooms is not something most people want to do too often.

Bathroom rugs

Bathroom rugs should ideally be washable and absorbent. With the dual purpose of keeping toes warm and also sucking up excess moisture from the floor, they are a great item to keep your bathroom comfortable and cosy, especially during those cold winter months!

Choosing a bathroom rug is easy when you consider what is important, natural fibres are a good choice due to their washable qualities. Bathroom rugs should be washed regularly as damp environments can be the perfect place for bacteria!

Sitting room rugs

The main purpose of a sitting room rug is to create a homely little island in the centre of the room, or near to a fireplace. If you have floorboards or laminate flooring in your home then a rug will add comfort and warmth to the space. Wool rugs are luxurious to the touch and look great whilst many synthetic rugs are easy to care for and in come cases look just as good as wool.

Choose your rugs with care, look after them well and they will reward you with many years of use.

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