Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage for Style and Practicality

Shoe storage is a must in any home; even if there are only one or two people to think about, storage for shoes is a must. Without decent shoe storage it is all too easy for shoes to become damaged and out of shape.

Style of shoe storage

There are many styles of shoe storage available today, from hard wooden shoe racks to soft, hanging shoe storage meant to fit inside a cupboard or wardrobe. Box shoe storage is a great choice for people who love their designer shoes and want the ultimate in protection for them. Often available with a section meant for a photograph of the shoes inside for easy access, this type of shoe storage is attractive and stylish.

For boots and Wellingtons there are shoe poles, upright rods on which boots are placed sole-up in order to minimize mess and fuss; these can be placed in halls, cupboards or lobbies.

Shoe storage for children

As children grow, they require more and more clothes and shoes for their different activities; trainers for sports, football boots for soccer, Wellingtons for walks and party shoes for outings…and all of these shoes needs somewhere to call home!

One of the best solutions for children’s shoe storage is a simple box shelf slotted inside a wardrobe, which keeps the shoes on view so that the child may easily select the correct pair and also have easy access when it comes to tidy-up-time! Encouraging children to look after their shoes is important and their own shoe storage area is a great way to begin!

Family shoe storage

A busy and growing family needs a good place for their shoes and a large shoe rack in the hallway or cupboard is a good start. Why not give each family member one row of slots and label it? This will encourage every family member to be tidy when it comes to putting shoes away!

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