Sofas and Seating

Sofas are arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture that most people will ever buy. Not only is comfort a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing new sofas, style and colour are also extremely important.

Sofas come in many styles and with many different upholstery choices available it is easy to find a multitude of stunning models to suit your d├ęcor exactly.

Two, three or four seater sofas?

When it comes to choosing sofas for your home it is worth considering carefully before plumping for any particular size. An averagely sized room will usually have space for one three seater and one or two single armchairs; however if your room is on the larger size then you have more options available. Measure your available space before you go shopping and think about the layout of your room.

Do you want to create a cosy haven focused on your fireplace or TV? If so, then work out how many seating options you can comfortably fit into your space without overcrowding the room. The look should be inviting not cluttered.

Corner sofas

If you have enough room in your home, corner sofas look great and create an interesting look to a space, combining chair and sofa in one block, a corner sofa has the added attraction of being space saving as well as sleek and stylish to look at.

Sofas with removable covers

For homes with children or pets in residence, sofas with washable covers are a great boon. If the worst should happen and your new sofa suffers from spills or stains, the ability to simply pull off the covers and pop them in the machine is a great thing. Think about colour when choosing sofas for your home, the lighter the sofa the more at risk it is!

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