Vases for Elegance and Style

Vases for the home are an important accessory for anyone who loves to have fresh flowers around. Even if you are not a fan of cut flowers, a beautiful vase is often a stunning statement piece when placed in the right area of a home.

When choosing vases for your home, you should always follow your own style rather than current fashion and choose vases in colours and shapes that appeal to you.

Clear glass vases look amazing when filled to the brim with cut roses, as long as you ensure the water is clean then this can be a beautiful centrepiece to a dinner table or just as an extra-special addition to a sideboard.

Vases in china or porcelain with painted designs are classic and lovely to look at whether they have flowers in them or not, equally traditional Chinese design vases look incredibly elegant when displayed empty or with one or two blooms in them.

Contemporary vases

There have been many unusual vases appearing on the market in recent years and one of the most popular styles are those known as “test tube” vases. These are literally test tubes, often designed to hold only one or two small flowers and can come either with a suction cup in order to allow them to be adhered to mirrors or windows, or as part of a set with a specially designed stand in which they can be placed.

Other unusual contemporary vases include those shaped like hands, heads and even feet! Why not choose a statement piece to display in your main sitting room or dining room? A one-off piece is a real talking point and can often pull a room together.

Clay vases are beautiful and had thrown vases are always unique, offering a really rustic look these are best for displaying wild flowers or traditional garden flowers. Placed on a window sill or a kitchen table they bring a breath of the countryside into a home.

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