Wallpaper; a Guide

Many people shy away from wallpaper as they fear it can be too complicated or tricky to put up. Nowadays however, there are many innovations around which are designed to assist in the application of wallpaper; getting it up and even getting in down could not be simpler!

Self adhesive wallpaper

Self adhesive wallpaper is a great concept which does away with the need for sticky wallpaper paste! Self adhesive wallpaper comes either pre pasted or in the guise of sticky back plastic wallpaper which only needs to have its backing removed before application. This is a great solution for those of us who are not familiar with wallpaper paste!

Washable wallpaper

When it comes to wall coverings, there can be no doubt that washable equals good…for kitchens and children’s rooms as well as high traffic areas where mess and dirt are all too easily transferred to your pristine walls! Wipe clean wallpaper is easy to maintain and requires little more than a damp cloth to remove most marks and stains.

Mural wallpaper

A resurgence of murals for the home has seen many manufacturers producing stunning images on sheets of wallpaper which are designed to add a really surprising element to any living space. From flowers, to sunsets and fantasy scenes there is something for every room in the house, including children’s rooms.

Wallpaper tips

As a general rule of thumb it is as well to remember that when choosing paper for any room in your home, you should keep the dimensions of the pattern in relation to the dimensions of the room. So, small prints suit small rooms best whilst large prints need large rooms to make their impact in the best possible way.

Choose the colours that best suit your décor and don’t be afraid to be bold. Wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to update a room.

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