Wardrobes are one of the most important pieces of furniture that you will buy for your home and choosing the right one takes some thought. If your bedroom is shared, then you will probably need double wardrobes or possibly even triple wardrobes.

Making sure there is ample hanging space for both parties’ clothing is vital as storage in the bedroom should be well organised as well as attractive. Some double and triple wardrobes come with integral drawers which can be great for saving space that would usually be used up with a chest of drawers.

Think about the dimensions of your room and if space is at a premium then a good option can be to get built-in wardrobes fitted. Built-in wardrobes are fabulous as they can then run the length of the room without blocking up windows or appearing too bulky.

Children’s Wardrobes

Choosing storage for children’s bedrooms can be tricky; often the rooms allotted to kids is not a great amount and this is when it is tempting to buy miniature sized wardrobes…these can certainly be wonderful for babies and toddlers but once a child hits the age of around 8, there is a definite need for a larger wardrobe.

Single wardrobes are the best choice for children if there is enough room and you do not want to replace their bedroom furniture too often. A neat single wardrobe with some storage at the top is ample for one child and if their needs begin to outgrow the single wardrobe then you may like to supplement with a clothing rail or with a linen trunk for those extra outfits and most especially for heavy winter clothing!

Remember that a wardrobe is one of those items which could last a lifetime if chosen well, so take your time in choosing which wardrobe you like.

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