Don’t ask why but when they build houses they always leave holes in the middle of the floor and ceiling so you can see outside, the neighbours, dogs walking past and these holes, otherwise named windows also cause other problems.

If the windows aren’t double double tripled glazed, a draught can come through the windows, they glass also gets cold, creating another vacuum of cold air but at least you can see outside eh? and ALL the neighbours can see IN.


Shades and window treatments

There are so many choices when it comes to window treatments and window shades that it can be quite daunting deciding what to go for. Some windows and doors have shapes and fittings which will limit choices somewhat whilst others are plain and simple and can be dressed in any way you might choose.

Shades of all types

Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds and vertical shades are amongst some of the most popular shades for windows due to their simplicity and their flexibility. Allowing users to let in just enough light, these types of blinds look neat and are easy to maintain. Many people choose to install shades of one type throughout the house in order to create a feeling of unity as far as design is concerned whilst others like to install different window treatments throughout.

Window treatments for bedrooms

Most people like to install curtains in bedrooms as the softness of fabric is very suited to a relaxing atmosphere; likewise net curtains or voile panels can create a soft romantic atmosphere whilst also providing privacy. Whether you like plain or printed curtains, there are many to choose from and you can go for a simple hanging effect or add draping and pelmets for more glamour.

Window treatments and shades for bathrooms

In the bathroom one of the most important details to remember when choosing window dressings, is privacy. Letting some light in whilst ensuring that the room may be used without being overlooked is a priority.

Not only do some people invest in washable blinds or shades, still others find that opaque window stickers are also great for keeping the bathroom as private as it needs to be!

Window treatments and shades are an integral part of your home; choose carefully and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view whatever the weather!

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