Wine Racks

Wine Racks

Choosing a new wine rack is no easy task when there are a multitude of lovely examples on the market today. Depending upon your needs there are various sizes available to buy. Some wine racks are meant for the storage of only 6 bottles whilst others can happily store 50 plus!

Which wine rack to choose?

If you want a stylish wine rack for your kitchen then consider all of the different styles available. Classic segmented and free standing wine racks are great if you have enough space to situate them; these are the traditional wine racks which are designed for bottles to be inserted base first, leaving the neck of the bottle accessible to the wine lover!

Space saving and attractive, this type of wine rack is available in traditional solid wood, metal and plastic. Sometimes solid and sometimes appearing as a “frame” they are one of the most popular types of wine rack on the market.

If you are after something slightly different then you may like to consider one of the most space saving designs available which is sometimes known as a “wine tube”. These are a straight piece of metal with holes designed to slot the neck of the bottle into. This allows the label and body of the bottle to be viewed easily, making selection a simple affair.

Countertop wine racks are a great innovation and come in many stylish designs, one of the popular styles is a shelving system where the bottles lie on a wavy surface side by side.

Storing wine is important if you are a connoisseur and like to have plenty of bottles to choose from. Remember that your available space will dictate your choice of wine rack to some extent but as there are so many to choose from, you will find it easy to locate the right wine rack for you.

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