Bath Towels

Bath Towels

What could be nicer than a huge, soft bath towel to cuddle up into after a nice hot bath? Pure cotton is best and big is also good when it comes to bath towels!

When you are looking for new bath towels, consider the décor in your bathroom. What colours are the walls? How about the tiles and the bath? Choose your bath towels to compliment your existing décor and you will find that a luxurious heap of bath towels placed on a shelf will really give the bathroom a lift.

Children’s bath towels

With so many fun and pretty children’s bath towels to choose from, even the smallest members of your household can enjoy bathtime! How about a cover-all bath towel with a hole in it so that you can pop it over the child’s head and jeep them safely covered up? Some cover-all bath towels come with hoods and these hooded bath towels are brilliant for hair washing days and even trips to the swimming baths or beach!

Caring for bath towels

New bath towels should always be washed before use; this is partly to remove any chemicals which manufacturers may have applied to keep away dampness whist the towels are in storage and partly to ensure maximum absorbency. New towels are not as absorbent as towels which have seen a few cycles in the washing machine!

Storing bath towels is easy if you are blessed with a nice large airing cupboard, but if you are not so lucky then a good idea is to invest in a shelving unit for the bathroom and to fold up your bath towels and stack them high! This looks great, especially if the towels are brightly coloured or all pure white. Not only are bath towels functional they can also be used as a room accessory!

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